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About ME

A New Orleans native, Taprena grew up with the soul, energy and unique spirit  that can only be found in the Big Easy. The daughter of a local musician, performing and simply being on stage became second nature by the age of 5. After years of training from some of the best New Orleans has to offer in dance, theatre and voice, she performed at Congo Square with the San Jacinta Dance company, and sang at Carnegie Hall prior to accepting a Merit scholarship to college.
Following graduation she moved to Atlanta where she immediately became a prominent force to be reckoned with on the underground artist scene. After a short stint as a professional background vocalist for various R&B artists and touring with her band, she booked her 1st Broadway Production.   
Since that time Taprena has gone on to originate the role of “Bessie Smith” on Broadway in A Night With Janis Joplin (for which she won a Schmazie Award and the "Legacy Robe" Award), play the infamous roles of “Shug Avery” in The Color Purple (for which she won the Broadway World Best Featured Actress Award), and “Sarabi” in The Lion King, as well as numerous other roles on  and Off Broadway. She can also be seen in various roles on NBC, CBS, FOX, NETFLIX, New Media, and Independent Film.
Not forgetting her musical roots, she is currently working on her first Solo project as a Singer/Songwriter and is looking forward to a long career of telling the stories of so many that haven't been told through Music, TV, Film and someday, a BOOK.